Tuesday, April 17, 2012


We just recently cut a RADIO ad we are excited about.  Thanks to the owner Hyrum KNAPP

SEE this video too from our last EVENT for Security Metrix.

We are proud to announce that we are excited to be catering this weekend for CAMP WILLIAMS. It's a pleasure to have a client like this, and hope our services will continue on to  a partnership with them.

Lastly, have you heard of Tell Your Story Utah yet? http://tellyourstoryutah.com/
It is in the VOTING stages now, but go check it out, watch the videos of the COUPLES we are working with and vote for your favorite. We are elated to be apart of such an amazing giveaway presented by WILSON DIAMONDS & the other wedding partnerships involved.

Stay up to date with us, and we will let you know how this SUMMER is. There will be plenty of events we will want to share with YOU!


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